Flow Fashion

Imagine a different sort of shopping. Not fast, not slow. But, rather, in tune with pleasure. Because it is nice to know you always have something special to wear, and wear again. Definitely relaxing–and time-saving. Economical. Ecological. Artisanal. Jane’s Vanity suggests you go with the flow.

The flow begins with a dream, from a young lingerie designer or an established maison. At UK atelier Emma Harris, the dream of owner and designer Claire Emma Harris is to produce beautiful lingerie sets and loungewear, start to finish, under one roof. Harris and her seamstresses live in the Derbyshire area. They work as a team to learn new and old couture techniques. From this laboratory environment, they proudly produce exquisite pieces that will last a lifetime.

Jane’s Vanity travels to Europe to find such designers. It’s part of the flow, to see what might be coming next, in London, Milan, or at the annual Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris. A practiced eye perceives, even among so many beautiful things, just one or two standouts. The designer communicates through the garments, perhaps. It's kismet.

And then there is the pleasant experience of being a JV customer. To see the new pieces as they appear on the website. If you are in Portland, you might also attend a JV event, to touch the garments, see the workmanship, hear stories from the road. And then, at your leisure, to select additions to your own collection–perhaps something completely different that you’ve never considered before.

However, the most pleasure comes from knowing that you are prepared for whatever: work, knocking around, travel, big events. You are not limited to one “look,” because JV selects colors and styles to be worn in many ways, often together. It makes life not only easy, but joyful. By shopping this way, you are voting with your feet for a more holistic and sustainable approach to fashion. While freeing up valuable time to accessorize!

Your Jane’s Vanity wardrobe is an evolving collection of friends, ready to support you every day, open your eyes, join in the fun. Maybe this is a different way of thinking about dressing, but it feels so right, so flow.

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