Fantasy Overnight Case

Grace Kelly inspires with her “Overnight Case” scene in Hitchcock’s 1954 film Rear Window. She is a totally modern woman who can suit up in the most sophisticated manner and carry along a negligee in her serious-looking Mark Cross case. Totally Hitchcockian, yet uniquely, stylishly, teasingly Grace.  

On the chance you’ve been out of touch, here is the plot. Rear Window revolves around Kelly’s photographer boyfriend, played by Jimmy Stewart, who is laid up with a broken leg and confined to a wheelchair. His window faces a courtyard of apartments, and he watches the daily goings-on via his telephoto lens. When he witnesses what seems to be a murder, the story heats up. Grace Kelly offers to stay a night to assist in the investigation. She removes her hat and produces the boxy little case. Stewart is startled. “That’s a suitcase?” Kelly responds by opening it up to reveal a frothy garment and remarks, with a smile, “Preview of coming attractions.” Although we never see the case or the negligee again, a legend is born.

Take a starring role in your next investigation. You provide the case. Jane’s Vanity will provide the contents. What will you choose for a special little overnight? There is room for just one item, so plan carefully.

Elise Anderegg’s Sompteux Georgette Robe would be a cinematic natural. Its black sheerness, lacy appliques, and silk charmeuse edging give it a vintage Hollywood feel.

Or set the scene in the exquisite floor-length Midnight Silk and Lace Gown from Marjolaine with slits to upper thigh on both legs.  

Warm evening? Anderegg’s Exquise Babydoll chemise is all you need. You’re ready for a playful close-up in this confection of sheer black floral lace cups over whisper-weight georgette, with front pin-tucks.

Pajamas? Why not? Madame Aime’s Mauvais Garcons Pajama offers a few seductive touches in dusky blue silk with black lace detailing.

Perhap you could squeeze just one more item into your case. Consider the Dana Pisarra Fan Black Cardigan with dimensional lace at wrist and hem. A morning bonus.

It’s a wrap! Kisses to Grace Kelly, our girl guide for packing light.

-Kate L

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