Eminence Grise


How I love grey. The heathered grey of a tight little GAP tee shirt. The inky blue swirls of a tube of Payne’s Grey watercolor. The grey violet mocha shade that could color lace or a wall. The faded ribbon that ties old love letters. Eminence Grise originally meant a cardinal’s grey presence behind the 16th century French throne. Our take on grey is much more up front.

Especially this spring, when grey is abundant in lingerie design. Hardly drab. Rather, it is clean, intentional, poetic. Violet & Wren’s Aniseed Striped Maxi Robe is actually tiny black stripes, but reads as grey in its billowy full-length silk georgette. Its possibilities are so inviting. Try layering it over the truly grey Ajourage Petales Lingerie Set from Lise Charmel. The tone-on-tone floral embroidery over sheer mesh offers a new kind of net neutrality.

Morpho + Luna’s latest collection of tropical prints includes stunning dark grey embroidered robes in champagne linen/cupro. Choose the full length Gigi or the flirty hip-length Bella. Either is subtle and sultry at home or perfect as a jacket for going out.

The slate grey of Dana Pisarra’s Mil Rib Silk and Lace Camisole peps up sandy beach neutrals. Its tempting dark color not only adds character to basics, but also underscores your fabulous accessories. And, for travel, don’t forget the little Parigi Grigio Cotton Camisole from Dana that rolls up to nothing and covers the globe as your sidekick. 

Grey, in all its variety, reassures and refreshes. Casual, cozy, and versatile, it would be difficult to overdo it. To paraphrase the old saying about the earth being held up by “turtles all the way down,” why not layer grey from the inside all the way out!

-Kate L

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