Destination: Adventure

Time to pack for the great outdoors? There you are, stripped down for the wardrobe challenge of chilly layovers, sweltering arrivals, and a single suitcase filled with “gear.” An adventure in itself. Go forth, rough it in style with just a few special extras from Jane’s Vanity.

All roads lead to Iceland: Yes, they do. Zynni layers you up in the Harvest Two-Tone Chasmere Sweater, its vibrant gold shapeliness complemented by color block accent at wrist. A travel lifesaver. 

At the lodge: Look sporty, feel luxurious in the washed silk of Morpho + Luna’s  Belma Aqua Shortie PJ. As the mood strikes, wear the top as a camp shirt with jeans or both pieces as an after-swim ensemble. 

On the trail: Rely on Dana Pisarra’s Bouq Cotton Camisoles, in Corda cafe au lait  or Moro chocolate brown, with macrame trim. Their stretchy elegance is practical and reassuring.

Be prepared: Scout’s honor, you’ll need Cadolle’s Coeur Long Sleeved Bodysuit in sheer lacy black. So packable, so devastating, with sheer mesh and lace up top and sleek microfiber down below. Set pulses racing, far from the bungee jump.

Feel a bit smug as you stroll into another gorgeous sunset, turned out in something totally adventurous from Jane’s Vanity.

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