Dana Pisarra: One More Time

Jane’s Vanity has just brought in a special order of delicate ribbed knits from Dana Pisarra, the family-run Italian design house. And, sad to say, it is the last. Because Dana Pisarra is closing its doors. We send all good wishes to our friends at Dana. And dash off to acquire just one more heather gray tee!

Which Dana pieces do we remember? And covet now?

A finely detailed Dana silk tank was a first gift to the adorable redhead who became the beloved daughter-in-law (and mother of the grandchildren). Perhaps she would like the Parigi cotton version, in choice of black or white. She deserves both. 

Last winter the lacy and versatile Luxor Wool Silk Skirt became an everyday “go to.” Fun over jeans to do the marketing. Cozy in the afternoon to keep out the chill. And sensational in the evening with stockings and spike heels. This year, the Luxor Wool Silk Gown will offer a full-length variation. Lining through the front body gives way to transparent lace panels at back, legs, and hem. Just add a little cardi and you’re dressed.

Packing has become a breeze since acquiring a nice stack of colorful long-sleeve lace-trimmed Dana tops. It was ciao to winter in the Blu Eden Cashmere, buongiorno to spring or fall in the Bordeaux Rib Silk. And now, it is a bittersweet arrivederci in the scintillating Shell Sec Top of heather gray silk rib-knit, lavishing adorned with dimensional amethyst lace at deep v-neck and cuffs. Can’t wait to wear it–TODAY.

Explore the many other Dana treasures that await on the JV website. They will be great to tuck away or give to dear friends. Their timeless perfection is the extra touch that lingerie can bring to each day. Don’t miss one.  

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