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This unusual year has created an urge to look inward--at one’s closets. On my block there are “free” boxes at the corners, filled with some quite nice things. But there they sit. No one seems to want to add the odd item. Rather, one wishes to define. And, as summer winds down, one is especially called to analyze one’s wardrobe. Jane’s Vanity has a few hints. 

As Rebecca Moses writes in her wonderful book A Life of Style, everyone needs a look…”To get a look you need clarity. For clarity you need order.” Where to start? More Moses: “Don’t forget everything starts from color. Color rules it all.” Color lines can start with your lingerie. Lay out your JV finest as a color wheel (for a sample color wheel, check the internet). You might notice repetition in your selections, or gaps that could be filled. A color wheel is also a great way to consider the possible pairings of complementary colors (opposites on the wheel) and split-complementary (on either side of complementary). Usually one color would dominate and the others provide an accent. For example, the popular summery colors of orange and light blue are complementary. Try accessorizing them with a split-complementary such as aqua or lavender. And, take this opportunity to clean your storage area and make sure that each garment is in perfect shape.

JV offers some colorful suggestions for fall: start with the Madame X Camisole from Gilda & Pearl in rust-colored stretch silk with black and gold lace accenting at cups. A natural for black, yes, but try it with its complement, navy, in the Regency Stripe Silk Pajama Set from Violet and Wren. Subtly stunning.

The luscious print of the FRS Potter Flared Trouser plays with the color wheel. Its blues and green are offset by shades of reds, lavenders, and pinks. The Clara Fuchsia Camisole from Gilda & Pearl will pull it all together--with a bonus of burnished gold lace at hem.

Studying a print fabric can give you ideas for mixing and matching color. The Klements’s Cloud Forest Mildred Blouse inspires with a blend of khaki, green, red, black, and ivory. Its darkly complex scenario will guide your wardrobe into a new season. 

Clarify your world with your own special color mix from Jane’s Vanity. 

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