It’s time to retire a favorite garment. Sad. But, even sadder, how will you replace it? Styles change. Manufacturers come and go. It brings to mind the world of dating. Yes, you’re back in circulation, hoping for a miracle. Jane’s Vanity is your match-maker.

Journalist Julia Reed, in her Dispatches from the Gilded Age, describes the search for that special self-defining perfume. It is “Like love, like that look across the crowded room, there is no explaining the attraction.” Not so different is the search for inspiring additions to your lingerie collection. When you know, you know.

For basics, open your mind to color. Berry goes with everything too, right? And certainly looks attractive all by itself. Emma Harris offers that indefinable something with her Celeste collection in raspberry silk with golden floral lace appliqué. A shaped bra set, sensuous slip, camisole set, and robe would see you way beyond a broken heart.

Then get creative with your new loves by adding Gilda & Pearl’s Golden Hollywood Silk Pajamas in glowing leopard print. The slouchy jacket-style top will be so versatile as a wrap or for mixing it up with jeans. Forget the past.

Or, perhaps a dress is the start of something big. Jane’s Vanity has a line-up of beauties. Think how easy it will be to get dressed. Or undressed. Vannina Vesperini created such a hit with her Burgundy Schiap Skill Dress that she brought it back in Rêve, a flattering ice blue. Klements offers two print versions of the swirling Zennor Dress. Saunter into fall with Zoelle’s Malachite Butterfly Empire dress with spaghetti straps. It just needs a quiet little sweater…

Which brings us to the finale: a walk into the sunset with Vannina Vesperini’s Sea Glass Alpaca Pull-on. It was there all of the time, cozy and loveable. Wear it in so many ways, especially with the Sea Glass Long Silk Camisole.

Sometimes you have to shake things up to get to a new place. Jane’s Vanity will steer you in the right direction, until, “Journeys end in lovers’ meeting.”

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