Cats on Vacation

My cat Mario seems a little bored lately. Backyard, couch, repeat. I wonder if he would like a vacation. His wardrobe needs are simple, his color story charcoal grey. I will match my style with his, courtesy of Jane’s Vanity.

We love LA: Mario prefers the Getty Villa to Splash Mountain. We each contemplate the Outer Peristyle in our own way, mine in Gilda & Pearl’s silky Jardin d’Ete Long Kimono in floral navy, pink, and white. At the Getty Center, we are mesmerized by the antique French Galle Chandelier that resembles a hot-air balloon whose passengers are goldfish in a dangling bowl! Time for lunch.

Catalina Island: An animal paradise, just a Cessna hop away. From our golf cart, we admire the miles of views. Selfie-time! The photographer wears Dana Pisarra’s Trim Blu Cotton Tee in navy with acres of embroidered trim.

San Francisco cable car: For romance, we like an evening ride to the Buena Vista Cafe. The night is velvety, and so are we, thanks to Mother Nature for Mario and Klements for me. An Irish Coffee toast to my Long Velvet Frieda Dress! 

Home tonight. Back to our routine: Jane’s Vanity, Jane’s Vanity, repeat.   

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