Caro Diario*

Monday: The package from Jane's Vanity arrived today. Such a treat. Two of the most beautiful camisoles I could imagine. I think they will make my life more interesting.

Tuesday: Today I wore the flirty Vannina Vespirini Vegetal Camisole layered beneath a shirt. My secret. While standing outside my favorite coffee shop, waiting for my order, I met a white rabbit--at a distance. He asked if I would Zoom with him later. He booked it. His wallpaper background is a field of lettuce. I like him.

Wednesday: A good day to try the Elise Anderegg Olympia Pink Lace Camisole. I wear it over a tee shirt, so that I can see its transportingly sheer design. When I sit down at my desk to work, the screensaver on my computer takes on a hazy caste. Through the mist appears a long row of flamingos, coming toward me doing eye-high kicks

The doorbell rings and I high kick over to anwer it. No one on the porch, but beyond is a vision. The weeds in the garden have disappeared.

Thursday: Cool and sunny today. The Vegetal Camisole looks so right under a cardigan. And it complements my face mask. I stroll through the park and watch the clouds move and change. Like skywriters. I can just make out a message: “You look fabulous, dahling.”

Friday: Today I’m wearing the pink camisole again, this time under the Blush Fern Silk Blouse from Violet & Wren. I feel like singing. Who wouldn’t? If I order a pizza, could I get a nice baritone to deliver it?

Saturday: The rhythm of my day seems to have changed. I can’t wait to get out of bed to see what might happen next. Life has become an online animated greeting card. I eye the camisoles in a conspiratorial way. They wink back. 

Sunday: Time to order more camisoles. Perhaps two sets from Gilda & Pearl: the tailored Sophia Jade and its lacy friend, the Midnight Cognac. Jane’s Vanity sends items quickly, wrapped with charm (postage free in the U.S.). I know my new JV puchases will enhance daily life in a way that boggles my imagination!

*With apologies to Nanni Moretti for borrowing the title of his 1993 film, Caro Diario (Dear Diary). In Italian.

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