Couture can seem a far-off dream. It wafts seasonally from the high fashion runways of London, Paris, MIlan, and New York. You might catch a glimpse. But, to someday be welcomed into a couture atelier and be fitted for a made to measure (bespoke) garment? That would be a dream come true. And, it can happen. Jane’s Vanity and couture lingerie house Merle Noir are at your service.

Visit the JV website to learn about this bespoke collaboration between JV and Merle Noir’s designer Merel Zwart. 

There you can also admire Merle Noir’s in-stock and bespoke items.  

A bespoke lingerie piece is a journey. You might choose to undertake it to mark a significant event in your life. Or just for an adventure, to possess a treasure. The resulting garment will be a work of art that suits you in every way. And you needn’t leave home to enjoy the trip. Let’s imagine how your journey might unfold:

After studying JV’s Merle Noir showcase, you will have lots of ideas for a possible garment. Time to e-mail JV’s Emily Tate to arrange a video consultation. Together you can discuss design options and refer to the curated sample box of possible silks and laces that Merle Noir has provided to Jane’s Vanity. Emily will also help you take your measurements. Your wishes and numbers will then be communicated to Merel Zwart.

In Amsterdam, Merel will compose your color card and design proposal. Next she will make several sketches from which, via e-mail, you may choose lace placement, etc. When you are happy with the design, she will create your custom pattern. The garment is then handmade and meticulously crafted in the atelier. Each piece is one of a kind, recorded with a personalized illustration just for you, a token of appreciation.

The proces requires from 30 to 60 days. For you, it will be a time of anticipation. To prepare for a new season, a new way to dress.

Step into a Jane’s Vanity bespoke world.

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