Bedtime Story

Make every night once-upon-a-time, in loungewear from Jane’s Vanity. Escape to the land of dreams in sensuous sleepwear of cotton and silk. 

Karma on the Rocks, a design team new to JV, will accompany you, with charming and colorful ensembles. Snuggle down in the Tokyo Aka Cotton Pajama, printed in little bouquets of orange on white and trimmed in chevrons of purple, orange, and blue. The matching Kobe Aka Robe will await you in the morning. For hot nights, choose the Edo Crane Silk Slip in a lightweight blue silk crepe de chine that is patterned with flocks of water birds. The Tokyo Crane Silk Pajama, in the same lovely fabric, picks up a summer camp vibe with the addition of yellow floral trim. Just the thing for a midnight getaway.

Speaking of which, Gilda & Pearl’s new robes and slip dresses also love the night. And we love the dragon pattern of the Lili Silk Slip Dress and companion fringed Lili Long Robe. Like a dancing princess, out every night, you might mix and match them with the corresponding Sophia Ruby Slip Dress and the High Society Midi Robe in fringed dusky pink. 

The ultimate bedtime story has to be Merle Noir’s Nocturne Camisole Set. In far-off Norway, Karolina Laskoswka remembered her mother’s English garden in evening, and printed a photo image on silk in shades of black, purple, and white. The fabric was magically transported to her friend Merel Zwart, at her Merle Noir atelier in Amsterdam. Here, clever fingers fashioned it into the perfect fantasy of a camisole set, cut on the bias and embellished with black floral lace appliqués. And how does the story end? But, of course, you know…

“And they all slept happily ever after…” in enchanting garments from Jane’s Vanity.

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