Nothing to wear? One knows the feeling. Especially as the seasons change. Winter things too drear. Spring things too drafty. Or, perhaps, the issue is more “big picture.” Time for a closet overhaul and maybe some shopping? Emily, of Jane’s Vanity, offers a few suggestions to help you sort it out.

When you can’t seem to get dressed, Emily suggests that you simplify your choices. For her, that means a long Klements dress. Put it on and you’re done. The silky feel and beautiful patterns provide an instant lift. If it is chilly, a sweater layers over nicely. Just add jewelry. This effortlessly chic look is perfect for travel, too.

Or sometimes, Emily notes, it is necessary to weed your wardrobe. A suitable occupation for a rainy weekend. Try it all on. If a piece doesn’t make your happy, get rid of it. And, as you go, think of new ways to create intermeshing ensembles. Is there a missing link? JV can help. Try these brilliantly simple additions to your closet:

Pretty camisoles: Transition to Spring with camisoles from Italian design house Dana Pisarra. Their camisoles smooth your lines, flatter your bust, and layer ingeniously with your cardigans and low-cut sweaters.Try the whisper-weight knit Romantic Camisole in Antique or Amande with lace at neckline and full hem. Or choose one of  Dana’s lacy silk-ribbed classics in a range of colors from black to slate to cherry red. A camisole is a great way to build your look.

Silk pajamas: Mix and match them into your wardrobe. Belt the top and wear under a blazer and skinny jeans. Pair the bottoms with a v-neck sweater and velvet flats. Start with Morpho + Luna’s Ines Floral version in black silk with painterly floral print.

Something cashmere: Zynni offers un-basic cashmere that can get you out the door in record time. The Harvest Poncho top, with turtleneck and ribbed waistband, looks great with jeans or a pencil skirt. The Color Block Long Tunic puts you together all day and into the night.

Jane’s Vanity to the rescue. Inspiration, like spring, is just around the corner. 

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