And So, To Bed!

What composition compares to the atmosphere of your bedroom? Tend it lovingly. Think of the bed as a room within a room.* Surround it with light and air, your favorite things (or your favorite nothinginess). And wrap yourself in transporting garments from Jane’s Vanity. Match them to your bedroom mood.

For a fantasy boudoir, indulge in a “lit a la Polonaise,” a canopy bed adorned with swags of drapery. To wear? Vannina Vesperini’s Vegetal Gown and Robe with its floral motif and semi-sheer jacquard shot through with lurex stripes.

On your rustic vacation by the sea, sleep in a hammock under the stars. Feel the breezes in Grazia’Iliani’s Chartreuse Floral Pajamas in ultra-lightweight viscose. 

In your Parisian garret, there is just room for your little bed and the view. French windows, of course. A perfect place to show the world your Melitza Lace Gown from Gilda & Pearl. Sweet princess lines offset sheer black and gold lace that sweeps to your toes.

Or dream a dream of a big Sicilian farmhouse with its ancient and massive brass bed. As Barbara Taylor Simeti recalls in her ineffable memoir On Persephone’s island: A Sicilian Journal, such an inheritance can be a bit overwhelming, until…”I undress with sleepy laziness and toss my black lace bra onto the bedpost. With this one careless flick of the wrist I transform the bed from catafalque to movie prop: Marcello Mastroianni stretches out to watch as Sophia Loren peels off her black net stockings, the only ghosts that will trouble my sleep tonight.” Lots of JV options for the classic black bra. Why not the Gilda & Pearl’s Emelia Lace Lingerie Set of finest stretch leavers lace? Give it a toss. 

Romance your bedroom in evocative loungewear from Jane’s Vanity!

*Christopher Alexander. A Pattern Language.

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