An island Wedding

Come along to Martha’s Vineyard for a September wedding. The air is sparkling. The guests are delirious. Pack boldly and prepare to have a dreamy time.

Island first-timers may puzzle a bit over wardrobe. Island casual? Island cocktail? Whether you choose a nautical theme or something more in the direction of Margaritaville, Jane has you covered. Or uncovered, if you take a cue from the beauteous wedding guests whose cutouts, bare midriffs, and wisps of striking prints set the joyous tone.

Mornings were spent on the back deck of our hotel, a jaunty inn that retains a bit of its boardinghouse origins. A Streetcar Named Desire on the Nantucket Sound. My urge to scream “Stellaaaaaa” from the balcony was quelled by the view of healthy cyclists mustering in the courtyard below. I looked smart, and quiet, in my snappy cotton Lila twill pajamas from Olivia Von Halle.

Afternoons were spent getting lost all over the island in our rental car. Eventually you just let go. On an island, you can’t go too far afield. It is just a big circle. The vacation euphoria begins. Stumble out to the beach with a lobster roll and Olivia Von Halle’s little Mila Yasmine slip dress in ruby-red paisley.

In town, the predominant attire is either giant khaki shorts for gentlemen or the ubiquitous striped dress for ladies. Both cover a multitude of sins yet allow one’s tanned legs to take a starring role. Underneath, all a lady needs is a stunningly shipshape bra set such as Cadolle’s Argentik soft-cupped bralette and flirty boxers.

For even the most casual welcome party, you won’t be sorry you dressed up. The plunging neckline of your old-school blazer can just reveal Dana Pisarra’s Eden black wool silk knit camisole. Add gorgeous jewels and be warm in the late night breezes.

At the lovely outdoor wedding ceremony, shoes come into question. Will I sink into the ground in my stilettos? Do I care? Well, maybe, as the mother of the groom. Step out with confidence, knowing your Falke’s Fond Poudre 10 Stay-Ups will show off your legs at whatever altitude.

We partied into the starry night, happy as clams. At precisely 10PM, island rules require the band to stop. To end the evening they played the Isley Brothers’ “Shout,” and we did. A night to remember, bathed in an island wedding glow.

-Kate L

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