An Invitation to Tea

Screen to screen, we meet for tea. Someday soon, perhaps, in person. The important thing is a restful winter afternoon with a friend. Prepare by creating a tablescape with your favorite tea things. Open up the mystery box of holiday treats. Brew the tea with care. And wear something special. Your mood just suits the nostalgic new looks from Jane’s Vanity.

You’ve doffed your raincoat and erased the memory of post office lines. Now sink into companionable tea bliss wearing Elise Anderegg’s Frou Frou Navy Bedjacket (over just about anything). Its double-layer design in silk georgette offers first an ethereal vest and then a cape. Brilliant. Think of it as a mini tea gown that swirls away your cares. 

Or let color do its magic. Glide into the Blossom Stripe Silk Pajama Set from Meng. Its splashy floral top and striped wide-leg pants transport you to the tropics as you sip a spot of green tea with jasmine. Just add a bold necklace and your new Dana Pisarra Sens Shell Silk Cardigan (with a surprise lace back). 

Speaking of green, the new Ophelia Emerald Silk Collection has arrived. Gilda & Pearl have imagined this sumptuous and magical color in an Old Hollywood lace-trimmed thigh-high Robe and matching Camisole Set with tap pants. The perfect romantic attire for sharing secrets with Earl Grey.

It gets dark early now. Teatime creates a well-lighted bridge into evening. We take our time, in this intimate space, wearing sweet treats from Jane’s Vanity. 

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