Among Our Souveniers

Time to put away winter things? No wait. It’s sleeting out. The month of March is a sort of snowglobe. And there you are inside it, shivering in a white-out, as you stand in Piazza San Marco in Venice. What to do? Wear JV’s lovely new Italian whisper-weight wool/silk camisoles. So pretty, they can morph into spring. 

The lingerie brand Boglietti (say “bowl-YET-ee”) proudly adds “since 1867” to its logo. And yes, their superfine knits suggest 20th century film stars such as Anna Magnani and Sophia Loren. You’ll return from a winter European vacation with fond memories of how these secret garments protected you and even added a bit of glamour. The Lolita Teal Wool Silk Camisole, for example, is trimmed with delicate macrame lace at the neckline. The lace can show a tiny bit, to create a contrast with whatever sweater you might be wearing. Just add a scarf that picks up this luscious teal color and see your wardrobe come alive.

The Leda Ivory Wool Silk Camisole plunges more deeply and offers charming travel possibilities too. A favorite is to wear the Camisole beneath silk pajamas. This combo will keep you warm and can be washed and dried in a few hours on the road. Morpho + Luna offer the Dancing Butterflies Silk Pajamas in a geometric print of black, grey, and ivory. Or, the Jardin de Nuit Silk Pajamas in a floral design of teal, blue, green, grey, and white. The Leda camisole, with its embroidered neckline, also looks cute peeking out beneath a silk blouse or tee. 

Boglietti’s Lya Superfine Merino Wool Top in charcoal grey can be worn on its own. It is particularly perfect over exercise clothing as a warm-up layer. For any kind of outdoor vacation, it would be the core garment. Picture it on an evening walk on the beach any time of year, snuggled under a poncho and jeans, or over a bikini. 

When you remember your “shoulder season” travels, you’ll hug yourself to recall those cinema moments in Boglietti from Jane’s Vanity. 

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