Ahead of the Curve

It may appear to the world that you are wearing your usual mix of vintage and classic clothing. Cute and funky, you blend right in. But, actually, what you are wearing is totally WOW. It just may not show. When you wish to dare the new and striking, lingerie is an excellent way to do so. The Jane’s Vanity reconnaissance team is out scouting the territory. Rely on them to bring you the most intriguing new lingerie possibilities: 

Slinky Sustainability: Studio Pia combines memorable styling with cruelty-free silks, ethical crafting, and even 24k gold-plated hardware. Check out the intricate Soraya Longline LIngerie Set in sheer white tulle with white and gold embroidery and silk-wrapped adjustable back straps.

Asymmetrical Grace: Voiment reimagines lace, tulle, and silk to surprise and delight. Shades of blue and purple mix it up in the Tulle Wireless Full Cup Set, the Lace Wireless Full-Cup Set, and Lace Wired Set. 

The Sexiest: Cadolle offers a cupless bra with the Porno Chic Scarf Print Shelf Set. An inviting way to experiment with your clothes!  

That Shape! Vannina Vesperini knows you will find many ways to wear the extraordinary Moonlight Silk Slip Dress, in dark navy, that features a black lace inset and an elegant ease through waist and hips.     

The New Lacy: Gilda & Pearl construct a transparent chemise made entirely of pale pink floral leavers lace. Zip into its flirty shape with criss-cross back.

Be your own lingerie vanguard. Let it show. JV loves your forward style.

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