A Zynni Love Affair

Marching towards spring, we still seem to be embracing winter, particularly in Lake Tahoe. Saturday evening was the start of yet another grand & glorious snow storm. The best vantage for viewing it unfold is indoors clothed in Zynni! There are so many times I thank my lucky stars that Jane's Vanity discovered Zynni. We've been huge fans since Qing decided to take a leap of faith and begin designing in one of the worlds most luxurious fibers, creating beautiful & approachable cashmere fashions that will be wearable season after season. I certainly adore my ever growing personal collection of Zynni.

I reach for Zynni when it's freezing cold. I reach for Zynni when I'm about to board a flight; it matters little whether my destination is Europe or Hawaii, Zynni works like magic that way! I reach for Zynni if I'm in a hurry; I know it will be comfortable & fashionably chic. Who doesn't want a few items that are fail safe like that in their wardrobe?

Zynni continues to experiment, quite successfully, with a few fur trimmed treasures in her extensive fall/winter collections, as well as create featherweight options for spring/summer that feel like you are being embraced by a feathery cloud.

Qing arrived on the fashion scene with her brand in 2013 and has continued to expand with an ever growing presence & fan base. We consider ourselves lucky members of this fan base, and are equally thrilled to share with our own fans at Jane's Vanity. No time like the present to slip into something Zynni!


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