A Little Something


My wardrobe needs a little something. Not too much. Just a special item to spark up the basics. Jane and Emily to the rescue with Cadolle’s Burgundy Velvet Robe. It will give me a happy feeling just to know it is there: a show-stopper, fun to accessorize, packable, ready for anything.

Perhaps you need a little something too. You know...

To feel put-together in the early morning: Morpho + Luna’s Luna Flannel Dressing Gown in rich grey wool is just the thing for the pre-dawn kitchen tango.

To give as a knockout present: Cement a friendship with the Romantic Antique Camisole from Dana Pisarra. Or, isn’t your birthday coming up soon?

To slip into when no one can see. Well, almost no one: Gilda & Pearl understand. Their Zsa Zsa Babydoll Set is a nice little secret in shimmery gold lace and pale pink silk mesh.

To wear constantly, a talisman (so buy two): Your daily lacy Romance Tee from Elise Anderegg comes in two colors: Mauve or Pink.

To create a new you: Cadolle’s Mallard Lace Blouse is just the nudge you need to redefine your closet and your social life.

Jane’s Vanity understands about “a little something.”

-Kate L

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