A Gift From Old Persia

I have a new member of the family, a Persian rug from the Hamadan province of western Iran, the village of Dergazin, to be exact. The rug is tiny, antique, and a feast for the eye. Its navy blue background is splashed with an unlikely yet compelling assortment of colors. I study it as I dress in the morning. And find myself reaching for an all-new color mix from my Jane’s Vanity collection.

Hamadan carpets are known for their indigo blue. Mine adds floral designs in shades of aqua, coral, gold, peach, rose, rust, camel, and ivory. The splashy bouquet feels both nostalgic and hip, as if a distant sensibility had entered my world. I can see how such designs and colors informed the Western art world in the Arts and Crafts movement, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco. I recognize Old Hollywood as well. 

To begin my experiment with color, I choose the delicious rust-toned stretch silk of Gilda & Pearl’s Madame X Camisole. Next, I add the navy and white Regency Stripe Silk Pajama bottoms from Violet & Wren. Elise Anderegg’s Frou Frou Navy Bedjacket provides a memorable accent. To complete the palette, I like the Klements Opium Giant Square Scarf with its cascade of gold and rose flowers on a dark background.

For evening, to continue my theme, the Regency Stripe pajama pants perfectly offset the glamorous patterning of Morpho + Luna’s Paris Floral Silk Chemise and matching Alix Floral Silk Robe. The whisper-weight silk features camel-colored arabesques mingled with black and navy blossoms on a field of ivory. The chemise sports heavy black lace at bust. The shawl-collared robe sits mid-thigh, which reminds me of wearing a borrowed tuxedo jacket. As Carole Lombard might have done.

Enriched by my time travels and suitably attired by JV, I am ready to watch a glamorous old movie with my new friend. We’ll fit right in.

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