An Ode to the Slip


Oh, the slip! What a wondrous design. For decades the slip was a daily wardrobe necessity, and yet somehow it has slipped out of fashion in recent years. Layering a slip under your clothes can add warmth in cool weather, modesty to un-lined apparel, and a hint of intrigue when you opt to let pattern or lace become a visible part of your ensemble. Available in a rainbow of colors and prints, you can truly change the mood of a look by what you choose to layer it with! Add to this the rising resurgence of the slip dress, and you truly have a wardrobe necessity.


Half Slips
Incredibly difficult to find yet infinitely wearable, finding a beautiful half slip sometimes feels like treasure hunting, but the rewards are more than worth the trouble. Versatile and easy to layer under either skirts or dresses, these beauties can also be repurposed as a skirt on their own in warmer seasons. Letting your slip show isn’t a faux pas when it’s this beautiful!


Full Slips
Who can think of slips and not think of Elizabeth Taylor as Maggie the Cat? Comfortable and versatile, full slips work best layered under dresses or worn out on their own. With an abundance of colors, patterns, and hemlines available, the options are endless! Why not wear a wrap dress with a patterned silk slip beneath, ready to peek out at the merest breeze?


While there are some styles that are truly designed solely to be worn as slips, we are huge fans of repurposing chemises for this function. Often cut much higher than traditional “slips”, chemises are perfect pairings under shorter hemlines.

The majority of slips we stock are silk, and for good reason. As silk is a natural fiber, it breathes, making it delightfully warm in the winter and cool in the summer. High quality silks are also incredibly durable, and can offer year upon year of regular wear.

Lingerie as Outerwear: The Slip Dress
While we are perfectly content slipping out of our clothes at the end of the day and lounging about the house in the slip we wore that day, the resurgence of the 90’s slip dress is undeniable, and our loungewear is certainly beautiful enough to wear outside the house. Put a flower in your hair, don some heels, and head out on the town in these beautiful styles as outerwear!

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