Colors Invitation to Mood


What's your favorite color?  Oh never mind, mine's always changing.  That's what I love about the intimate world of lingerie, you can change your mind depending on your mood & no ones the wiser! 

If it's grey outside & bright orange is your favorite color of the moment, you can keep that secret closest to your heart & layer it in a lingerie set, camisole, or chemise; throw on a dark inky outerwear ensemble & you will radiate a warmth of color to melt away a grey day.  What if your color is navy & it's a warm day outside? It adds drama like an armor, visibly highlighting the contrasts of your lighter outerwear with a dark mysterious interior.

What if it's a more studied contrast; a bright bra strap exposed, a dark lace peeking out, the opposite of what is expected to be?  It invites a dialogue of how you present yourself to the world & how you wish to be exposed or not.  Another way to express yourself on your terms. Lingerie is your secret conduit to beauty & volume in the voice of color.


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