The Magnificent Versatility of Traveling With Camisoles

I wouldn't think of leaving Portland without adding a small arsenal of camisoles to my luggage. They magically add volumes to my wardrobe potential, with surprisingly little impact on luggage space. After writing this blog, they will no longer be one of my best kept secrets for traveling light!
Camisoles can be sleek or sexy, refined or chic, and always comfortable. They are, in essence, a little miracle. Camisoles can cover the basics of added warmth, a pop of color, or provide a bit of romance & drama. They can be worn on their own, or revealed in subtle ways. Here are some of my favorite ways to layer with camisoles. 

Colored camisoles always a fun addition under sheers as they create a more finished look, particularly for daytime. Layering camisoles adds versatility under a cardigan, jacket, or an open shirt. All-over lace camisoles can also be layered over dresses, shirts, or knit top for a punch of drama. They are also terrific for that subtle & suggestive hint along the edge of a sleeve, gracing the neckline, or peeking out along a hemline. Many items from our fall collection have the added benefit of warmth, plus a bit more ability to stand on their own as inner or outerwear. 
Try adding a few camisoles to your next travel wardrobe and see how quickly you too may become a camisole fan. You're sure to find that you wouldn't dream of traveling without adding a few clever camisole companions. 

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