Fêtes Intimes

We invite you to join us at a Fête Intime, one of our small signature events, where we offer our clients a special experience of personal luxury. In a relaxing atmosphere filled with music and flowers you will sip champagne and explore the beauty and heritage of European lingerie.

For more than 20 years, Jane has created a private world of extraordinary lingerie. Her collections are known for their exquisite beauty and quality, and for their ability to transform the daily experience of the wearer. She looks forward to introducing you to her collections and sharing with you the stories of how these beautiful items are made.

Join us for your own encounter with the world of Jane’s Vanity, where Jane and our staff will use our years of experience and expertise to suggest the perfect addition to your personal wardrobe.

Let our world of beauty and luxury become a part of your life – we hope to see you soon at a Fête Intime in your area. We also invite you to discover our latest collections for Jane’s Vanity by joining our newsletter community.

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