Inspired by the print rooms of English castles and the Aristocrats who traveled to them, collecting fine pieces to display in their dining rooms as conversation starters. Scott Potter experimented with ways to apply the refined precision of European printmakers to the method of eighteenth century decoupage.

Pushing the limits of what was possible with gold leaf and silver, he applied his technique to wooden boxes and glassware. Scott’s vivid, hand-cut reproductions of fine European prints quickly captured the attention of Bergdorf Goodman. Commissions became available through storied department stores - Harrods, Saks, Neimen Marcus - with special commissions created for The Lady Soames, daughter of Winston Churchill, along with their 1,200 wedding guests at Blenheim Palace.

Reflective of the early masters of fine prints, Scott’s work exudes a natural flow that effortlessly blossoms into a mini masterpiece. Each creation conveys an energy - elegance, luxurious, calm — that gets passed on when shared.

Scott Potter

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