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The trip is a week away. You’ve checked the weather, made some lists. But you can’t get your mind around a travel wardrobe. For a quick fashion jumpstart, choose a single fabulous piece from Jane’s Vanity, and let it inform every one of your looks. Like a beacon of light, it will guide you to new shores.

Consider the simplicity of the Orunée Bodysuit from Hervé by Céline Marie. This scintillating onesie is made entirely of ultra-soft transparent black mesh with strategically placed gold lace appliqué. Let it be an alternative to a tee-shirt, an insulating accent to any dress or sweater. A bodysuit is practical for packing, too, because it eliminates the need for much else.  

Or, try a daily dose of Studio Pia’s Amber Longline Lingerie Set. Its mellow golden shade is a “new neutral” that complements your skin color and brings roses to your cheeks. A hint of the Pia Longline gives life to a black wardrobe, adds punch to whites, and gives authority to a myriad of prints.

Plan around the berry purple Rochelle Camisole from Emma Harris. The silk’s incredible color is offset by shimmering purple lace appliqué. Its jewel tone is a great wake-up for browns and navys, an enhancer of greens and yellows and neutral grey. 

And, let the Madame X Camisole from Gilda and Pearl spotlight the possibilities of rust stretch silk and black lace. Plan your world around it. 

If you still can’t decide, there’s space in your suitcase for all four of these items and many possibilities for mingling them. Wear the purple camisole over the bodysuit, the rust silk camie over the amber bra. And so on. Such pleasing combos would be sensational with a jacket and long flowy skirt, or little cardigan and jeans. 

Jane’s Vanity makes it easy to travel in style.

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