We are swooning over the beauty of our fall lingerie lineup. Artistic collaborations and witty juxtapositions have produced a feast for the eye. They remind us to keep things interesting by teaming up. To wit:

New friends:

A close look at the darkly mysterious flower images of Morpho+Luna’s Emergence collection reveals the work of British artist Tom Gallant. Commissioned to create a design narrative, Gallant looked to the motifs and palette of 17th century Dutch artist Hans Gillisz Bollongier. The sensual result, digitally reproduced on silk, lines and trims Mopho + Luna’s elegant velvet jackets and brings a wintery warmth to their gowns and pajamas.

Brilliant Pairings:

The homespun yet lust-producing Romantic Amande sweater from Dana Pisarra begins with a pale natural shade of heathered mohair/angora, but ends with a luxurious cascade of matching lace. Almost plain, its sheerness and surprise detailing create, instead, a goddess.

Lace also features in Vannina Vesperini’s playful use of color in her smoldering Opera Lingerie Sets. The bold red or black detailing underscores and sweetly emphasizes the timelessness of antique gold lace.

Cadolle’s Mallard Lace Blouse flirts with modesty in its choice of demure collar and long, cuffed sleeves. But the sheerness of its lovely lace provides the irony. Worn over a camisole, it becomes street-worthy, with a wink.

Just add your own touch to create the ultimate collaborative twist.

-Kate L

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