The Slow Life

Pass me the seed catalog, Darlin’. It is time for an evening at home. Spaghetti for dinner. Later on, some reruns of M.A.S.H and early to bed, wrapped in Jane’s Vanity loungewear. 

The playlist might be Bonobo’s Black Sands or Chaka Khan and Michael McDonald’s You Belong to Me (they’ll be in Portland for a Zoo Concert this summer). Get into the mood with something sultry like Morpho + Luna’s Chloe Gold Silk Gown and matching Amelie Gold Silk Jacket

Let’s see, what next? Sorting your library by color? For that you’ll want the Ines Floral Pajama, also from Morpho + Luna. So slinky and mysterious in its dark Renaissance-like floral print. 

Or, perhaps, a soak in the tub. Just add a floating gardenia and scented candle nearby. Follow with the amazing Cobalt Silk Chemise from Marjolaine and a Morpho + Luna’s Bianca Linen Robe

Your cat is ready for his nightly conference. Pay attention to your loved one in Olivia Von Halle’s Coco Oyster Silk Pajamas in luscious pale pink silk with black piping. 

Time to get horizontal. Balance Pride and Prejudice on your head and steer gracefully toward the bedroom. A happy interlude, made more so by lovely things from Jane’s Vanity! Could be habit-forming...

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