Somewhere Under My Raincoat…

Somewhere Under My Raincoat

A well-tailored British raincoat is so seductive, especially when it reveals exquisite British corsetry underneath. Rain or shine, a great combination. But, other wardrobe juxtapositions abound on Blighty’s lively corset scene. The Jane’s Vanity team has been checking it out. They are delighted to bring you garments of daring, beauty, and empowerment from London’s Corsetorium.

Kunza, Corsetorium’s designer, learned her trade at the atelier of Vivienne Westwood. Now she brings couture technique to her own contemporary designs. Stealthy historical references add a touch of whimsy. The Venus Beaded Collar is a case in point. Its silhouette is proper Edwardian capelet, its fabric sheer black power mesh. The dramatic shape is sketched in with boning, frosted with hand-beading, and accentuated by delicate back-lacing. Both flirty and formidable, it challenges the night.

A bit of irony also plays into the Gwendoline Harness (so earnestly Oscar Wilde). While the shoulders of the harness are opulently embellished with Swarovski crystals, the bosom itself is caged but bare. Love it starkers, or layer it with abandon.

Be a goddess in the Venus Suspender Dress. High-necked and simple, it is the silk-mesh x-ray of the Little Black Dress. Tantalizing embellishment at neck and bosom gives way to total sheerness to the hem. Layerable and memorable.

Your daring dreams really do come true, with a little help from Jane’s Vanity.

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