The lingerie design house of Gilda & Pearl conjures fashion history with its latest confections. Simple yet devastating, the garments recall the mad mad world of fashion photographer Melvin Sokolsky, who, among other things, hoisted fashion models over Paris in huge plastic bubbles. His surrealistic ideas just suited the 1960s. Jane’s Vanity likes the vibe too. Let’s explore.

“...Fired up by an almost child-like thrill with the power of the image,” Sokolsky created photographic experiments that continue to be influential. His 60s work for Harper’s Bazaar looks fresh today. Often related to flight, his style would be a match for Gilda & Pearl’s weightless garments. 

The Sophia Rose Gold Midi Slip, for instance, suggests the famous shot of model Dorothy McGowan flying through the air in a Parisian restaurant. Just a bit dressy, and in the prettiest color, the midi slip’s bias-cut, easy shape, and sensational length bring to mind a cloud in motion. For photo authenticity, add a daisy behind your right ear.

The Madame X camisole is a skimpy little vision of rust-colored stretch silk with black and gold accents at cups. It suggests the fundamentals of Sokolsky’s work, his fascination with the female form. He cites the painting of Balthus as having led him to understand his true metier.  In every fashion photograph, “I tried to show the gesture of the unclothed body beneath the garment…”*

Sokolsky was also fascinated by the interior effects of Velasquez and the Flemish masters. Enter the Esme Marabou Lounge Set to offer possibilities for something dark and daring. Its clean lines, of black stretch silk, are enlivened by feathers at the cuffs of shirt and trousers. Perfect for a portrait, in oil, emulsion, or on your cell phone. 

Celebrate the heritage of fashion photography in GIlda & Pearl’s inspiring collection at Jane’s Vanity.

*from Melvin Sokolsky: Seeing Fashion, text by Martin Harrison, Arena Editions, 2000. 

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