So Right

If the lingerie is right, the rest follows. Let your JV lingerie be your wardrobe guide. No matter your outerwear, the perfection beneath will show in your silhouette, your carriage, your confidence, Have fun with it. No one says you can’t. You can. You might even let it show a teeny bit. We illustrate:

The red bra of courage: This is the morning for red. Not just any red. But the one that joyfully propels you through a challenging day. It should be a bright clear red, in finest saturated silk. Studio Pia calls it “scarlet,”  a juicy hue that will be your friend and protector. Choose the Petra Scarlet Bralette Set or the Petra Scarlet Long Line Lingerie Set. Celebrate the elegant details that include silk-lined cups and 24k gold-plated hardware. Perhaps switch out the matching bikini panty for the Petra Scarlet Strap Thong. 

The newest: Today will be the best day ever. Because you have a new bra to try, and, possibly, reveal. Lace is the essence, in daintiest pink, of Gilda & Pearl’s Rose Illusion Lingerie Set. The shaped silk demi cups are overlain with triangles of scalloped lace that extend to the shoulder strap. Perfect to wear with a blouse that just might “pop a button.”

The favorite: That would be the Margot Lingerie Set from Taryn Winters. Wear it every day? Well maybe. Or, better yet, get one in black and one in ivory. Sparklingly hand-embellished and so comfortable, its glorious shape, in either color, will lift you into a full and upright position all day long.  

The experiment: Now for the fun. Today is the day to mix it up in a whole new way. Take the Rue Monsieur Bralette from Madame Aime, with interesting sheer microfiber accents and a cut-out at center bust under cups. Layer on your newest and most colorful camisole set, perhaps the Burgundy Silk one from Vannina Vespirini. Adjust the camisole to hang a bit low, to allow the bra to show. Add a sundress. Voila! Another great day.

Sometimes it really doesn’t matter what you wear on top, when your Jane’s Vanity pieces lie underneath. Nice the way everything seems to work out just right.

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