Silver Screen

This spring, lingerie designers love the perfect polish of “Old Hollywood.” See it in Jane’s Vanity’s selection of slinky gowns, dancing skirts, tap pants, sparkling lace, and even gloves. We salute the actresses who brought these flawless styles to life on the silver screen.

Singer and jazz tap dancer Mabel Lee could be wearing Emma Harris’s Champagne Camisole Set with tap pants in this 1945 film clip of “The Cat Can’t Dance.  Lee performed on stage in New York and London and made over 100 films. She toured with the USO during World War II.

As models of liberated womanhood in their lives and careers, Marlene Dietrich and Anna May Wong seemed to enjoy vamping it up in Shanghai Express in 1932 They would make a lovely pair right now in dramatic Zennor dresses from Klements. Almost 16 yards of fabric were used to create these show-stoppers. Choose the Reindeer or Witchflower print and enjoy the unique diagonal seaming, circle skirt. and vamp-worthy extra-long sleeves. 

The world of jazz and nightclubs informed the lush style of actress and singer Lena HorneWe picture her beneath a spotlight in Christine Vancouver’s Meghan Luxe White Silk Crepe Gown. And imagine how she might accessorize its classic style, lovely drape, and fluttery hem. 

The glamorous Rita Hayworth was a MOVIE STAR in capital letters. Her confidence and sensuality as a dancer are said to have made her Fred Astaire’s favorite partner. Hayworth dressed beautifully, proud to look both provocative and elegant. She often wore lace and favored opera-length gloves. She could have been the model for Hervé by Céline Marie’s Orunée Bodysuit and matching Gloves of sheer black mesh with golden lace appliqué. 

Members of the Academy, Jane’s Vanity offers a tip of the top hat to the “influencers” who created the timeless “Old Hollywood” style.

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