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“Romance is the catalyst of a true education.” Author Robert D. Kaplan* thus describes the pull of story to intrigue the reluctant student. The best way to learn is to want to know. And real adventure is “not about physical risk but about the acquisition of knowledge.” Sweet words for lovers, too. Prepare for a journey of the heart with treasures from Jane’s Vanity.

Romance is...all about getting acquainted. Cozy loungewear sets the scene for hours of talking. Spin out the time in Christine Vancouver’s English Rose Silk Gown and Robe.

Romance is...leisurely. Layers of lingerie enhance the process. Spend some time on composition. Perhaps Cotton Club’s Lilas Camisole Set beneath the Gothic Floral Empress Kaftan from Klements. Or Violet & Wren’s Aniseed Stripe Maxi Robe over Lise Charmel’s Baisers de Fleur Bodysuit.

Romance is...interesting. Look forward to tomorrow. Will it be Valery’s Emerald Longline Lingerie Set or the Luna Plunge Pink?

Let Jane’s Vanity dress you for the sweetly edifying world of romance.

*And be mesmerized by Kaplan’s meditative travels in Mediterranean Winter, the pleasures of history and landscape in Tunisia, Sicily, Dalmatia, and Greece, 2004.

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