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Jane’s Vanity wishes you a very Pink Panther holiday. Think snow, jet-set dressing, and a jaunty Henry Mancini soundtrack. His happy music defined early 60s romantic comedy movies. The vibe is perfect for our winter vacation, too (real or imagined). A Latin beat, a hint of accordion, a lot of style: “If you’re ever gonna kiss me, it had better be tonight. While the mandolins are plaaaaaying, and stars are bright…” Cortina, here we come, and watch out, Inspector Clouseau!

At the chalet: Cozy up in Morpho + Luna’s Zac Brick Velvet Lounge Set. Accent with Christine Vancouver’s Gatsby Patterned Velvet Kimono.

For a flirtatious aperitivo: Start with tight ski pants and big earrings. Add the Klements Moon Lite Forest Kimono, worn on the dreamy dark print side or, in a nod to Capucine, the movie’s elegant quick-change artist, reversed to the saturated orange silk lining.

Disco fever: Follow the throb to the subterranean dance club. There to connect with your inner panther in Cadolle’s Tatouage Bodysuit and the raving Big Poppies Cuffed Etere Pants from For Restless Sleepers.   

By the fire: Steal the scene in Elise Anderegg’s Sompteux Georgette Robe.

In the vicinity of a big pink diamond: Be chic, and stealthy in Cadolle’s Mallard Lace Blouse over the Coco de Mer Obsidian Lace Slip.

We make our getaway: Ciao to Henry and beloved Pink Panther! Happy New Year to everyone from Jane’s Vanity!

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