On Pause

Here we are, lives on hold, helping to stop a pandemic. Fortunately, we can keep in touch online, contemplate our reading, see to our surroundings. It is a good time to do a little spring cleaning and sprucing up. Your JV lingerie collection is calling, to remind you of treasured moments, to help you plan for new ones in the future.

First you could restyle your lingerie drawer. Everything out, a thorough cleaning, pretty new paper liner (shiny wrapping paper prints look sharp), perhaps dividers. Before restocking, lay the pieces out to see what’s what. Something might need attention or replacement. Are you missing a special piece? You could sort by color. Refold. Take your time. It will bring back memories…

The night you wore the Camille Roucher DNA Push-Up Set in black silk satin with floral embroidery on sheer mesh. You were just walking the dog, when...Perhaps the moment has arrived to add Roucher’s Gold Pearl Lingerie Set in beautiful black and gold floral silk. 

That summer when you so hoped someone would notice your Gloria Metallic Bralette Set from Cadolle in navy silk with bronze leafing. Someone did. Now it is time to to prepare for summer with Cadolle’s Bali Rose Print Set in glorious pale pink jersey patterned with bright pink roses.

Remember the invitation to see Die Fledermaus from a box seat? Vannina Vesperini had you covered in the Opera Gilded Red Lingerie Set with its red silk quarter-cups and gold overlay. Be ready for next season with Vesperini’s soignee Moonlight Slip Dress in navy with black lace insert at bust.  

We hope that things will soon be looking brighter. Take good care of yourselves. Andrà tutto bene. And remember, Jane’s Vanity delivers (shipping always free).

Xxxooo (or elbow-bump)

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