Long Distance Relationship

I’ve been shopping with Jane’s Vanity for more than 7 years. Ever since my husband and I were strolling past their brick and mortar on New Year’s Day, and Jane was kind enough to open up for us. I was hooked. The reality is, though, I’ve only physically shopped with them 3 times. All my other purchases (and trust me, there’s been quite a few!) are thanks to the skillful, expert eye of Emily.

It may be that on a purchasing trip to Europe, Emily sees a set she knows would look perfect on me. An email later, with a description and a photo, and I am looking forward to chartreuse corset style bra and panty set with a matching garter headed my way. Other times, Jane’s Vanity is having an event featuring a special designer, and while I may not be in Portland, Emily sends photos that make me feel as if I’m there. It is the most personal of touches. To know that she knows my taste so well, it’s like we are of one mind. In other words, I not only have an incredibly considerate personal shopper, I have a trusted friend.

Recently, I have been distracted by a few life changes-change in job, home renovation-all changes for the good; mind you, but distracting nonetheless. Emily was kind enough to send me a friendly email reminding me of the summer white sale. Not a sales email, just a “how are you and I was thinking of you” sort of email. How thoughtful and kind was that? What a wonderful chance to take the time to have a moment of self-care! I set aside time one morning, sat down with my coffee, and leisurely thought about the lovely pieces on Jane’s site. I settled on a lovely set by Valery-cotton lace with lovely tap pants-both sexy and demure all rolled into clean, white summer perfection.

So while I may not get as many chances to see Jane and Emily in person as I’d like, I always know that I can reach out to them when I want to add a bit of luxury in my life. And I will know that each item sent to me is curated with care and consideration just for me. Who says you can’t have a long distance relationship?

-Wendy M

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