Lingerie and Old Jewels

JV loungewear requires no further embellishment. Of course. But, that’s not to say we can’t have fun accessorizing with our stash of family baubles. This year, Jane has selected pieces that like to play. So let’s.

Old jewelry suits the nostalgic mood of lingerie. How did we get so lucky as to inherit a pink quartz necklace? A big one. It looks like candy. And just requires the addition of the Rose Silk Slip from Vannina Vespirini to make us feel like a dressed up version of Venus on the Half Shell.

Turquoise is not always blue. Sometimes it is green. And sometimes, if it’s from the old Henri Bendel in New York, it is a necklace matched with big nuggets of orange agate. OMG–still in the box. It has to be worn to be believed. Nice with Studio Pia’s Petra Amber Convertible Lingerie Set. The necklace and bra make a jaw-dropping yet easy-going combo under a cardigan or blazer. Check your jewel box for similar? Then, just add jeans and a smile.

Picture ropes of jade beads twisted into a 60s choker. Green eye-candy. And a pleasing touch for Morpho + Luna’s Colette Blue Jardin de Nuit Silk Pajamas. With such a striking accessory, this pj set is wearable anytime anywhere.

An oversize charm necklace? Yes. Got one. Sits right at the collarbone. It would be classic with Gilda & Pearl’s Seraphina Dress, a plain tube shape that balances its pale pink sequinned fabric with cuffs and hem of marabou. 

Or, DIY secret, if two pieces of jewelry don't work alone, you could combine them. The old black pearls and the strange bracelet might make a great necklace when tied end to end with tiny embroidered ribbon. A brilliant afterthought for Cadolle’s Coeur Bodysuit, worn provocatively beneath your floppiest sweater. 

We wish you a holiday of haute dressing that combines your quirky treasures with a Jane’s Vanity flair.

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