Lingerie à Go Go

À go go is just what we want in lingerie. Skeptical? A little background.* A common term in 15th-century France, à go go meant “in abundance” or “galore.” It fell from use for a few centuries, but resurfaced in 1947 when an English book title was translated into French: Whisky Galore became Whisky à Gogo. Catchy. Fast forward to the 1960s, when the eponymous LA rock club, and its go-go dancers, redefined the term. From then on, à go go meant hip.

So, may your lingerie wardrobe be hip and abundant. Sounds fabulous. Jane’s Vanity shows the way:

Color à go go: So easy to wear, layer, dare. And so dominant in the world of lingerie. Let JV’s assortment of Marjolaine chemises color your jazzy world.   

Experimentation à go go: Yes, anything go-goes. A pretty Western-styled silk shirt from Morpho + Luna, for example. You’ll love the pearl snaps, piping, and dark flower print. So many ways to wear it. Perfect to showcase your bra collection or the latest camisole from Dana Pisarra.

Attitude à go go: Lingerie is a nice way to reinvent yourself every day. Wear what you love. Feel the power.

Jane’s Vanity speaks your language!

-Kate L

*Special thanks to Jon Winokur and his delightful Je Ne Sais What? A Guide to de rigueur Frenglish for Readers, Writers, and Speakers.

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