The lovely JV underthings that we reach for each morning can set up our day. They are a joy in themselves, but they also recall happy memories–and create new ones. We asked some Friends of Jane’s Vanity (FJV) to tell us about their JV favorite pieces.

For one FJV, the instant choice is from Emma Harris: the Elsa Teal Silk Pajama Set. This camisole-topped PJ is crafted in silk the color of a tropical lagoon. As our FJV notes, “it is the perfect combination of comfort, style, ease, and color.” Its flirty details include sheer tulle insets at cups, the loungy look of hip pockets for the trousers, and gold lace appliqués here and there. It is wearable for sleeping, strutting, dating, beaching, novel-writing, conversing with one’s pet, staring out of the window, and so on…. 

For another FJV, there might not be a single piece, because, “...So many are fast favorites that indeed lift my spirits, like being reunited with a dear friend you haven’t seen in ages & conversation just flows as though no time stood in between. However, that said, Tagetes, one of the latest creations from Karolina, has my heart racing.” Our FJV plans to unveil the set on a vacation with her beau to a far-off city. “How exciting that will be & lasting memory every time I wear it. I think that’s what brings me joy when I wear something from the Vanity that is imprinted with a joyful memory.”

For me, it is not a favorite garment that brings me joy, but rather the cut of everything from Vannina Vesperini. She just has it. And I am happy to have several of her things. Her famous caraco camisoles are cut a little longer for ease; her skirts and slip dresses fall just right. I know they will be comfortable as well as Paris-sexy. 

A Portland FJV has her eye on a “favorite-to-be:” one of the new arrivals from design house Karma on the Rocks. During a visit to the JV studio, she was entranced by the luxury of their fabric and floral prints, not expecting such sheerness, such color combinations. Will she choose the happy orange design of the Tokyo Aka Cotton Pajamas matched with the Kobe Aka Robe? Or the pale blue crepe silk de chine of the Edo Crane Silk Slip and Tokyo Crane Silk Pajama? 

Little extras bring joy too, sez a FJV on her way to the airport. What bliss to know she has a Boglietti (pronounced bowl-ye’ti) Lolita Teal Wool Silk Camisole under her travel togs. First she loves the layering possibilities of its rib knit  Then, of course the blue-green color and delicate macrame lace at the scoop neckline. Finally, she loves the shape, with its wide bra-friendly shoulders and hip length. As she says, “this is an exceptional piece, not something you see every day. And it is my friend.” 

To wear beauty is to celebrate each day. And to own and wear just a few things you love actually makes life simpler. Jane’s Vanity wishes you joy! 

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