Into the Swim of It

It, a perfect body of calm blueness, most people refer to it as a swimming pool. I prefer to refer to It as the blue zen. Best achieved if no one else is swimming in it, particularly no children, unless you've expressly invited them in, and of course your zen will require far more determination to achieve. It could also be the current of life, which would be an excellent reason to always travel with a swimsuit. I always do, and usually more than one. I am prepared to find my zen, pool or no pool. Some pools are just not worthy, and then your swimwear can be reinvented; poof! They can be worn under something sheer: the Cadolle tie-back is elegant enough to be worn with a skirt or trouser with a little jacket over it, and out you go into the fray  seeking your zen moment in a turbulent world.

At the present moment, I'm loving my Lise Charmel v-neck, deep plunge back swimsuit. It's a delicate, yet strong, lightweight fabric that dries quickly and is perfect for travel. I also love my Fleur, front-knot swimsuit, in a deep swimming pool blue color. It's a clever design: in a wink of the eye, the front knot draws the eye to narrow the waist and elongate the torso to an imagined long leanness, and you instantly look to be a star athlete, effortlessly!

Soon finding your It, will become easier, with more possibilities as the weather continues to heat up. You may seek your zen, in a river, a lake, or an ocean. Into this turbulent world, seek your zen & always pack your swimsuit!


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