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Time for adventure! Down the rabbit hole you go. You’re totally prepared, with camera for selfies and trusty garments from Jane’s Vanity.

Upon arrival (thump), pose with desk staff in your Ebony Tulip Silk Jumpsuit from Violet & Wren.

Off to the lounge for a quick drink and something to eat. Say cheese in Loveday London’s Lysander Silk and Leather Chemise. Don’t leave your key on the table.

Do you hear water running? Check the tub in your room, then strike a pose in the Christine Vancouver English Rose Silk Robe.

Lots of photo ops at the afternoon soiree. Go a little mad, wear your top hat, and make new friends in the Venus Beaded Collar from Corsetorium.  

Garden party! Croquet! You and your hostess are dressed alike. Hope she doesn’t mind. Snap a quick pic together in your Klements Gothic Floral Empress Kaftans. Then remember a prior engagement.  

You can just make your flight home. On board, wear your Jemma Gold Embroidered Velvet Eye Mask from Morpho + Luna. You’re back in time for tea. A quick makeup check through the looking glass, then one last shot in the Hero Virginia Gown from Olivia Von Halle. It all seems like a dream.

Get carried away in the most fantastic garments from our favorite storytellers at Jane’s Vanity.

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