Counting Cashmere

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Awake in the night? Guide your mind to the steppes of Asia. Picture the goats who share their cashmere to make your Zynni sweaters from Jane’s Vanity. See them model their high-quality coats. Join them as they sing along with Jackie Chan at a Mongolian banquet. Gaze with awe at the blanket of stars overhead. Breathe deeply. Goodnight.

Or, consider your Zynni cashmere wardrobe. Those colors: ruby, mustard yellow, lapis,  periwinkle,  purple,  emerald,  silver. Those innovative styles. Envision each item as it would pair with everything in your closet. Take your time. Pants, jackets, skirts, blouses...accessorize, if necessary. Is that the alarm clock? Time to rise and cuddle into your Zynni Two-Tone Cashmere Robe.

Or, mentally pack for a winter trip. Compose a series of outfits: one Zynni sweater, four looks. With zen-like precision, fold each. Place in suitcase. Slowly zip closed. Imagine a plane ride into the night. Watch the clouds go by from your cozy back corner seat. It’s deliciously dark. Zzzzzzzz  

Envelop yourself in a dream of Zynni cashmere from Jane’s Vanity. You look fabulous.

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