Each of Jane’s Vanity’s design labels has its own special character. We suggest that the best way to get acquainted with a brand is to go beyond looking and actually live in the garments. To learn how it feels to wear them, much as a wine connoisseur might delve into a particular vintage. There are definitely parallels between the world of lingerie and the world of wine. We ask a friendly wine lover to weigh in:

For me, wine tasting is about the senses and about story.  

First, to see the wine, then to smell it, then to taste it. 

Next, to savour this experience, which involves story.  Where am I tasting it, what am I eating, why am I here, who am I with....what is the history of this wine and is there a story here, about the wine and this tasting that is important and memorable.

If I were tasting to buy wine, I always think about how this wine 'fits' me and my life. What will I drink with this wine and who will I share it with? When will I drink this week or in 5 years? So I always look for the story of the wine and tasting + the story of the future - what is the story of drinking this wine later?

For lingerie, or clothing, I might have similar thoughts

To see the clothing - really look and notice the detail, color, texture, design 

To feel it in my hands

To try on (taste) the clothing - how does it feel on the body, how does it look, how does one feel when wearing it?

I would also be thinking about the story of this clothing: who made it, where, what is the brand about....and also the future story...where and when will one wear this and why, how will one feel when wearing it and sharing it?

Let’s put these thoughts into practice with the work of designer Vannina Vespirini, who loves the concept of  “Dessous-dessus” (over/under, above/below). In other words, to break codes and wear her lingerie designs as real daywear. 

When slipping into her Vannina Vesperini Burgundy Silk Camisole Set for the first time, notice the instant French-girl vibe. Then feel the silk as it flutters around you, a dark luscious wine red. So flattering. Now experience the shape. For the bikini panty, the cut is pleasantly high at the leg. The front is subtly embellished with black lace. The rear, made of tulle, is slightly gathered at back seam and designed to be both comfortable and invisible under clothing. Perfection. The camisole, utterly plain, has an easy fit that rests at the hip. Its deep v-front allows the spaghetti straps to sit well on the shoulder. A slightly scalloped hem rises at sides for freedom of movement. The back is low and squared off. How will you wear the set? Perhaps with a jacket or duster or a low-cut sweater. Great with black or a range of jewel tones. A black lacy bra would be a lovely contrast. Nice alone too. A set to enjoy for day or night, both luxurious and essential. 

And how do you feel in the Burgundy Silk Camisole Set? Well, you might feel the urge to add the matching twirly A-line Burgundy Silk Skirt to your ensemble. And put dessous-dessus into practice!

Mercì to our wine connoisseur and to JV’s designers who open our hearts to beauty and to sensory pleasure. Cheers!

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