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Vocabulary quiz, anyone? Test your skills in brilliant choices from Jane’s Vanity!  (Choose the correct definition of the underlined word. Answers at the bottom.)

  • From my window, I surveyed the gelid scene outside. Then I reached for the Zynni Two-Tone Cashmere Robe: cozy, light-weight, long-sleeved, full-length, all natural, and completely undyed.
    1. Morning
    2. Icy Cold
    3. Goat-inhabited


  • The Luna Plunge Pink Lingerie Set from Valery, in sheerest lace and soutache applique, offers a condign companion to basic black.
    1. Appropriate
    2. Flirty
    3. Smug
  • We repine when our Violet & Wren Regency Stripe Silk Pajamas are in the wash.
    1. Go naked
    2. Fret     
    3. Wear a chemise

  • Her growing collection of seductive Camille Roucher lingerie showed philoprogenitive tendencies.
    1. Obsessive
    2. Flirtatious
    3. Prolific 

  • The empyrean Ombre Teal Silk Chemise from Merle Noir is the obvious choice for the ultimate date.
    1. Heavenly
    2. Sexy
    3. Unfair

    We like ALL OF THE ABOVE for that teachable Jane’s Vanity moment!

    (1-b, 2-a, 3-b, 4-c, 5-a)

    (With thanks to 20th c. British mystery writer Edmund Crispin, whose erudite vocabulary sends his readers scrambling for their dictionaries)

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