A Sweet Holiday

Wayne Thiebaud’s luscious canvases of cakes and pastries set the tone for a sweet holiday season. Hey, Cupcake, get in the mood, with tantalizing gifts from Jane’s Vanity.

JV wishes you a Happy Holiday Season, and Happy Birthday to Wayne Thiebaud, who turned 100 in 2020. We share his love for color, frosting, and presentation. All in good supply at JV. Not only beautifully wrapped, but also quickly shipped. 

What to choose? Perhaps something in lemon meringue. Freolic’s Fuchsia and Lemon Lingerie Set, for example. No one would say you shouldn’t have. Festive and so comfortable with silk-lined yellow lace cups. Or select from Gilda & Pearl’s buttery Persephone line of Silk Slip, Silk Camisole Set, and Silk Robe. All frosted to perfection with metallic white floral lace.

Or a gift of velvet cake? Cadolle’s Porno Chic Shelf Bra would be velvety and memorable. This time, someone might say you shouldn’t have (but with delight). 

Thiebaud creates sweet layers and so do we. Dana Pisarra’s new Luxor Wool Silk Skirt or Gown can be the filling for numerous looks. Their black lace inserts might show beneath a dress or sweater--or over tights or boots. A gift to wear right now in many ways. 

A maple bar is seasonal. Give a silky version with Gilda & Pearl’s rust-colored Madame X Camisole with black and gold lace. Colorful camisoles are a brilliant gift. We are also partial to Vannina Vespirini’s yummy Intemporel Petunia Camisole, in fuchsia silk embellished with burgundy lace. 

And, for yourself? We see you in Key Lime: Studio Pia’s Petra Jungle Silk Robe. Short and simple, with perfectly detailed shawl collar, double cuffs, and belt with ribbon cut ends. 

Spread the icing and the love, with sweet holiday gifts from Jane’s Vanity.

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