A Little Off

Celebrate being a little “off.” That is, avoid looking too perfectly dressed by adding something gutsy and totally, well, wrong. Then your look will begin to sing. Try it, with simple and simply wonderful pieces from Jane’s Vanity.

You could wear just one earring. Or maybe two different earrings. If you don’t want to wear an engagement ring on the left ear and a wedding band on right, mix it up with the new line from Gisel B. Each set is like sculpture. Match a dangly freshwater pearl from the Margaret Earrings with a golden link from the Charlotte Hoops.

Or you might create a look of sporty seduction. That would be a bra set from Karolina Laskowska, worn as a riviere top with capri pants underneath Klements’s wide open Poison Poppy Kimono. Hurry to catch the very limited supply of Laskowska’s Morphinae Corded Plunge Lingerie Set in black Sophie Hallette floral lace.

Sox and seduction? Dare to wear Falke’s colorful Gleaming Hive Sock in Scarlet with Vannina Vesperini’s equally outrageous Ruby & Denim Camisole Set. 

Don’t forget the tiara. Perfect, for any occasion, with silk pajamas such as Dancing Butterflies Silk Pajamas from Morpho+Luna in shades of black, grey, and ivory. Add a little more glitter underneath, with the beads and sequins of Taryn Winters' Margot Beaded Lingerie Set. 

So wrong it’s right? Embrace the joyous color collaboration of Jane and Emily with Freolic London in Fuchsia and Lemon, Ocean Silk and Lace, and Brick Silk and Lace. You wouldn’t be the first to purchase all three sets. Each with transparent cups, silk tulle lining, and adjustable straps.

Play with a skimmer dress from Klements. The Florry Occult is schoolgirl until you add a pair of baggy white jeans. Then it looks so intentional and louche. With a pair of cowboy boots, this look will take you cleverly through a week in Europe.

Add surprise to your v-necks with the Viéve High Neck Bralette from Hervé by Céline Marie. So sheer, so uplifting, so strategically lacy. Trust us. It will be OK. 

Enjoy your own sort of perfection, wearing Jane’s Vanity.

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