A Body to Suit

In the fashion world, a “body” is that onesie undergarment that smoothes and grooves your look. If you haven’t tried one, this might be the moment. Because a bodysuit has many virtues. And Jane’s Vanity has a singular collection!

The transformative qualities of a bodysuit come to mind when you wear one. So simple to step into a single piece that caresses your shape and gives your posture a nudge. Suddenly you’re a dancer, a model, an actress. In other words, a bodysuit is confidence. Take, for example, the Fiori Bodysuit from Gilda & Pearl. Its deep-V beige tulle is delicately embroidered with multi-colored flowers and leaves. So pretty under a little cardigan sweater. Perhaps it wouldn’t even be visible at work. And yet…you will feel it, revel in it.

A bodysuit is handy too. It simplifies your travel, by minimizing the number of items to pack. It layers like a dream. Keeps you warm on the moor–or the plane. And it dresses up the evening with little assistance. Washes and dries in an instant. The sheer black Orunée Bodysuit from Hervé by Céline Marie would be your friend for a whirlwind trip through Europe. Under sweaters, its high neck will flirt and protect. But these pieces are made to be seen, so show off a little more of its beautiful gold (and strategic) lace appliqués! 

A sculptural piece of clothing can encourage a certain side of yourself. Consider Gilda & Pearl’s Jardin de la Lune Bodysuit with its sheer black tulle and black and white floral embroidery. Just knowing you were wearing it might change the nature of an event. A bodysuit is atmosphere. Something to remember. Or to leave a lingering memory for a special someone. 

This autumn, get into the happy virtues of a JV bodysuit.

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