When Velvet Meets Spring


One of the reasons I don't mind the seesaw weathers of early spring is the opportunity to retrieve a beloved item from your wardrobe & pull it forward in a new fashion. I love the lushness of velvet, it's a very deceptive fabric.  It appears to the touch that it should be soft & cocooning, but it's actually quite the opposite. It's cool, in every sense of the word.  Cool as in unexpected & chic; particularly when it's making surprise guest appearances in a season it's not known for.  Now how fun is that?!

I absolutely love my Gilda & Pearl velvet jackets, & they are sliding into my Spring wardrobe in very clever ways.  The black velvet with the shocking teal blue silk lining pulls this jacket forward into the coolness of spring, particularly the mornings & the evenings, when there is an extra bit of shiver in the air. I partner it with a patterned dress, skirt, or shirt that's far too impatient to wait any longer on the full warmth of the season.  The swirling psychedelic pattern in the Timorous Beasties print is perfectly cool paired with a bright shirt, a cashmere tee, & a favorite forward thinking trouser. There are a myriad of possibilities when velvet meets Spring! I hope you find some velvet in your Spring.


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