• Zynni Harvest poncho top is crafted from mustard yellow cashmere
  • Zynni harvest poncho top has a turtleneck and ribbed waistband
  • Zynni harvest poncho top has open sides on the sleeve for a beautiful drape
  • Harvest Poncho Top


Harvest Poncho Top




Effortless style is at your fingertips. An elegant drape and a vibrant pop of color will elevate any ensemble—whether its denim or a pencil skirt. 

  • Cashmere poncho top is created from an ultra-soft mustard yellow cashmere
  • Open sides on the sleeve offer a beautiful drape
  • Turtleneck and ribbed waistband give structure and shape
  • Designed in the US by Zynni

Comfort and ease are perfectly married in this fashion-forward  shape. Whatever the occasion, you’ll look as fabulous as you feel.


Out of stock? Never fear! All Zynni garments can be ordered in different sizes and colors for same-season delivery. Please contact us for details. 

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