• Cashmere Lounge Set
  • Cashmere Lounge Set
  • Cashmere Lounge Set
  • Cashmere Lounge Set


Cashmere Lounge Set




If cashmere sweaters make your toes curl with cozy joy, you can only imagine the absolute luxury of cashmere pajamas. Decadent and undeniably chic, this is the penultimate loungewear: warm, comfortable, and completely acceptable to wear out of the house. How can you possibly beat that?

  • Luxurious black superfine cashmere pajamas are comfortable and fashion-forward
  • Voluminous boatneck top has a flattering loose fit with extra volume and length at the sides
  • Matching lounge trouser is ultra-cozy, with a wide leg and elasticized waist
  • Designed in the US by Zynni

The perfect treat for anyone who works hard and deserves to indulge in some serious relaxation, this pajama is sure to make the winter months more bearable: slip into these, pour a glass of wine, and let the stresses of the day float away! The perfect gift for a new mother or a truly exceptional spouse.

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